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Using liveworsheets to improve grammar in online classes to senior high school students


Uso de hojas de trabajo en vivo para mejorar la gramtica en clases en lnea para estudiantes de ltimo ao de secundaria


Usando planilhas ao vivo para melhorar a gramtica em aulas on-line para alunos do ensino mdio




Shirley Agudelo-Angus I
Rosa Elena Niola-Sanmartin II













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* Recibido: 28 de abril de 2022 *Aceptado: 18 de mayo de 2022 * Publicado: 08 de junio de 2022



        I.            Universidad Estatal Pennsula de Santa Elena, La Libertad, Ecuador.

      II.            Universidad Estatal Pennsula de Santa Elena, La Libertad, Ecuador.


English as an idiom is one of the most relevant in the world. It is considered necessary for its massive scope with all the world and who speak it. It is a considerable challenge for many people and students could express and communicate better.

Learning a new non-native language often presents some difficulties since, in many cases, the learning process does not begin with an emphasis on starting to practice the language from an early age.

Moreover, being an essential language because it opens the doors to other social environments, whether they are political, cultural, educational, technological, or scientific, it is necessary that students can communicate freely given the most appropriate educational methods for the mastery of English.

That is why this study analyzed how liveworksheets in online classes could contribute, where students create better skills to express themselves and improve their knowledge within the English language.

Keywords: Learning process; liveworksheet; students perform; gramar; difficulties; technological; pedagogical strategery.



El ingls como idioma es considerado uno de los ms necesario en el mundo razn por lo que es considerado importante por su gran alcance y todo aquel que lo pueda hablar es un gran desafo para algunas personas y estudiantes poder aplicarlo y expresarlo de mejor manera.

Aprender un nuevo idioma de lengua no materna suele presentar algunas dificultades, puesto a que en muchos casos no se empieza el aprendizaje con nfasis en comenzar a practicar el idioma desde temprana edad.

Y siendo un idioma muy importante porque abre las puertas a otros medios sociales, ya sean estos polticos, culturales, educativos, tecnolgicos, o cientficos; es necesario que los estudiantes se puedan comunicarse libremente dado los mtodos educativos ms adecuados para el dominio del ingls.

Es por ello que este estudio hizo un anlisis respecto a cmo podran contribuir las hojas de trabajo en vivo en clases en lnea, donde los estudiantes crean mejores habilidades para poder expresarse y mejorar sus conocimientos dentro del idioma de ingls.

Palabras clave: Proceso de aprendizaje; hoja de trabajo en vivo; los estudiantes actan; gramtica; dificultades; tecnolgico; estrategia pedaggica.



O ingls como idioma um dos mais relevantes do mundo. considerado necessrio por seu alcance massivo com todo o mundo e quem o fala. um desafio considervel para muitas pessoas e os alunos puderam se expressar e se comunicar melhor.

A aprendizagem de uma nova lngua no nativa muitas vezes apresenta algumas dificuldades, uma vez que, em muitos casos, o processo de aprendizagem no comea com a nfase na prtica da lngua desde cedo.

Alm disso, sendo uma lngua essencial porque abre as portas para outros ambientes sociais, sejam eles polticos, culturais, educacionais, tecnolgicos ou cientficos, necessrio que os alunos possam se comunicar livremente, atendendo aos mtodos educacionais mais adequados para o domnio do ingls.

por isso que este estudo analisou como as planilhas ao vivo nas aulas online podem contribuir, onde os alunos criam melhores habilidades para se expressar e aprimorar seus conhecimentos dentro da lngua inglesa.

Palavras-chave: Processo de aprendizagem; planilha ao vivo; alunos realizam; gramar; dificuldades; tecnolgica; estratgia pedaggica.



The Project "using liveworsheets to improve grammar in online classes to senior high school students". It focuses on students' difficulties when performing grammar skills due to the lack of technological resources and pedagogical strategies and didactic grammatical resources to motivate students in learning a foreign language.

Our objectives will be to implement the well-known didactic and liveworksheet resource and pedagogical strategies to help English teachers develop this critical skill. Furthermore, since structure and Grammar are fundamental in learning a new language, students must understand and master Grammar.

According to Leo (2021) provide a general view that language teaching is one of the most challenging things, especially English and its grammar rules; most students think it is boring, or they are not at all interested in learning Grammar or English in general. Even students ignore this subject for different reasons: they do not like English, speak English, and feel insecure. Prior to this project, there were no seminar projects.

According to Leo (2021) provide a general view that language teaching is one of the most challenging things, especially English and its grammar rules; most students think it is boring, or they are not at all interested in learning Grammar or English in general. Even students ignore this subject for different reasons: they do not like English, speak English, and feel insecure. Prior to this project, there were no seminar projects.

According to the (ORGANIC LAW OF INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION, Last Modification: Mar 14, 2018) LOEI, the Ecuadorian Educational System, has adapted to the CEFR (Common European Framework) for teaching English as a foreign language to help students develop their communicative language skills. In addition, the CEFR is flexible and allows the teacher to adapt to local needs. For all these reasons, the Ministry of Education has gradually implemented different levels in the National Education System.

However, multiple factors have been identified as to why students drop out of English studies or perform poorly academically during their English language learning process. One of them is insufficient grammatical knowledge. Therefore, it does not improve their English, particularly for the senior students of the third baccalaureate of "Dr Miguel Angel Zambrano" High School

After analyzing the results of the students' performance in the first quarter, the Area focused on the students' low grades in grammar. One of the English teachers mentioned that students could not understand how to make sentences or follow a grammatical structure; for that reason, they fail tests, including homework. Therefore, it is necessary to implement new strategies to improve grammar. According to Sauro (2017) provides an overview of the use of technology in our English class..

Therefore, the purpose of this project is focus on improving grammatical skills through liveworksheets platform in "the process of Teaching English Language Learning of senior students" by Dr Miguel Angel Zambrano. High School.

Technology and Education

Talking about technology and education could be extended according to Michael Sailer (2021) provides a point of view that: "Teaching and learning with digital technologies have changed education in general and specifically higher education in many ways. Digital technologies can promote new ways of learning and can effectively contribute to the successful acquisition of knowledge and skills." In addition, technologies have provided us with several essential material resources to improve the education and performance of our students and achieve better results in and out of the classroom.

The new Era could be a challenge for some teachers, but students feel more comfortable with technology and achieve their personal academic goals and English language acquisition. Nevertheless, language acquisition may encounter several factors that do not allow them to achieve the best performance in English, such as economic situation. Another relevant problem for EFL learners is students' limitations in the learning process, especially in grammatical contexts communication in English.

This limitation may be due to many factors, but disinterest is one of the most relevant. (Tian, 2021). A harmonic advantage that exists in the use of technology participates as a tool whose mastery in its use is inverse to the traditional teacher-student relationship since it is the youngest who are more accustomed to it. The adults (to a greater degree, the older they are) have less experience and knowledge in its use. (Buxarrais Estrada & Ovide, 2019). Indicating that students will be able to make better use of technology since they are already more demanding technical performance.

With this Covid-19 emergence, Charles Hodges (2020) states that Teaching became a challenging job. Most teachers had to renew their methodology and resources and teach online different subjects, especially English. However, some teachers have not explored all the resources of web materials and teaching materials to improve their class and engage students with different English skills, especially Grammar, one of the most relevant and challenging, and students considered it boring.

English grammar teaching

According to Agis (2021), "English grammar has a fundamental position in language learning. It is also considered the basis of several language skills" this project focuses on grammar studies because it considers it relevant to emphasize this skill most teachers avoid. Other teachers do not know how to teach and explore more; in most cases, students find Grammar boring, and they do not pay attention or do not understand at all, that is why some of them are not able to follow the grammatical structure or most of the cases fail in their tests and assignments finally students find Grammar difficult.

Grammar is considered the core of the language. Since people always want to improve in language acquisition. Therefore, learning English is becoming a crucial part of our life. This research focuses on this skill because teachers have problems developing grammar skills in many cases. Because they do not know how to engage students, it might cause students not to pay proper attention and lose interest in learning it. (Ayatov, 2021).

To learn English grammar and practice are extremely important. If students want to improve English proficiency, teachers can use many resources to improve English Grammar. However, teachers should be careful because not all online resources are mainly for improving Grammar. Teachers might get a negative result with our students because there are many online activities with grammatical errors, and students might get confused, especially with the translated website. (El, 2021).

Education and technology go together and beyond, more than that, nowadays it is impossible to separate one from the other, there are many useful technological websites to help us. Teaching grammar does not have to be boring. Grammar has changed the belief of teachers to be creative in the teaching-learning process; Teachers can use technology to support the teaching-learning process and get students interested in the subject (Pratama, 2020). The use of technology for grammar acquisition can motivate students in the learning process. They can improve their language skills by pursuing some language activities through technology.

English Grammar

English grammar is that part of the language that focuses on the structure of words and how they combine to form sentences. It includes not only syntax and morphology but also phonology. (Babbel, 2020) Not only in English but in all languages that one wishes to learn, it is necessary that Grammar is adequately applied, given that in this way one can communicate better, it can be said that with a correct structural grammar of English students would have more possibility to communicate through speech with other people who understand the language.


Now, some approaches and tools support students' learning in virtual education, where worksheets constitute a teaching medium. This teaching support material allows students to work independently or cooperatively, use linguistic resources more safely and accurately, establish interdisciplinary relationships and develop listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. (Martinez et al., 2018). In addition, worksheets contribute to student learning by creating a better link between the teacher, the English subject, and the students.



The method that this project used to carry out this research was an experimental research design because it allowed us to collect data, study the data, and analyze the input and output of the findings.

This research project was also descriptive because, thanks to this method, the researchers analyzed how the phenomena and their components were manifested in this research. In addition, the descriptive method allowed detailing the studied phenomena more deeply; the purposes were:

      Set the main characteristic of the variables  

      Identify the forms and behaviours of the people in this research (social behaviours, preferences).

      Establish solution 

      Discover and ascertain the possible association of the variables in this research to identify factors that affect the learning process.

This research also used an explanatory method to focus on a cause and effect relationship between pedagogical strategies and didactic resources to improve grammatical skills.

It is important to remember that this project assessed students before, during, and after the intervention using the methods mentioned above and techniques.

All data analysis and graphical results were obtained using Excel statistical software in this research. The main idea of using this software to analyze our data was to improve the scores of our samples between pre-and post-tests.

Study population

The subjects or samples to be taken to carry out this project were sixty-nine students of the higher grades of the private institution "Dr Miguel Angel Zambrano", located in the city of Durn in Los Helechos. In this Institution, there is only one course per level. Therefore, they were selected considering diversity, age, gender and number. Likewise, the principal and English teacher were part of our sample in this research.


Table 1. Description of the sample








English Teachers



Students (women and men)





Source: Dr. Miguel Angel Zambrano Institute

Prepared by: Shirley Agudelo



The sample selected for this research is from "Dr Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School. This research focused on the Principal, English teachers and senior students between male and female. Therefore, our population is concise, totalling 72 participants. For this reason, it was not necessary to use formulas. In addition, this research studied the entire population.

 The data collection instruments to be used for this study were designed for this project; they are of the experimental type; the Researcher applied the most appropriate instruments to obtain well-structured and reliable findings and results.

The first instrument that this research used is observation because the researchers observed the class and described the behaviours of teachers and students within the virtual classroom.

This project also developed a questionnaire with approximately ten questions for an interview with the Director. This interview will be based on their experience and reliable details for this research. Additionally, the Evaluator designed another questionnaire for the English teacher according to his experience during this learning process and had a clear idea of his work; this interview was per zoom section. In this way, the Researcher recorded the interview as evidence.

Also, with this research, a questionnaire based on Likert scale surveys with ten questions were designed to obtain specific and concise information about the aspect that the Researcher needed to know in this research. Finally, the Researcher designed a satisfaction questionnaire that measured the interest and disposition of the students on the topic learned.

Finally, the Researcher designed a satisfaction questionnaire that measured the interest and disposition of the students on the topic learned.

The analysis and findings of this research project, the following evaluation instruments could be developed:

The observation checklist contained five different sections. Section one was on organization; section two was on presentation, section three on interaction, section four on grammar skills decision-making, and section five on problem-solving.

This classroom observation checklist contained fifteen items. The parameters were evaluated as follows: 4= Advanced, 3= Acceptable, 2= Needs improvement, 1= Does not meet standards. The purpose of designing this classroom observation checklist was to know the strengths and weaknesses of teachers when teaching grammar skills.

The second instrument that this research used is the interview; a ten-question questionnaire was developed for the high school principal and English teacher to obtain reliable information about the pedagogical procedures during the learning process until 2021-2022.

The third instrument that developed this project was a survey of students and teachers. This research used the Likert scale questionnaire, and with it, a Questionnaire with ten questions was applied for the teacher, and the students used a questionnaire with eleven questions. With this instrument, their answers were analyzed to find a better result and identify the problem during the learning process.

They were designed to find out the real problem in learning English in terms of grammatical skills. Also, to measure the interests and preferences of the students and the resources and activities that teachers apply in the classroom.



Teacher survey results

This section was measured through a pretest and a post-test; the pretest was the tool to ensure the knowledge of the group of students and prepare them for the subject matter. However, during this test, many students were not familiar with the Grammar because they had to practice it from time to time, without paying attention to the real purpose of the activities or solving even the easiest ones. Therefore, the results let us know that the students did not correctly develop the grammar activities. For this reason, they did not perform the test correctly, obtaining low grades as a consequence

Once the pretest was conducted, the applications of different strategies with communicative, cognitive and metacognitive approaches, which occurred in eight days, were established. These approaches were assessed through worksheets that include top-down and bottom-up strategies, word identification, prediction, paired class conversation, video strategies, class discussion, and reading comprehension.

Additionally, this study collected the survey response. It analyzed it using Excel software, and this research produced statistical graphs, which showed reliable data that helped find the problem and design the best solution to this problem.

From the interviews conducted with the high school principal and the two teachers of the Institution, we were able to obtain a conversation with the teachers where they were able to state "that the use of technology resources (liveworksheets platform) would be useful as a support given that students have a better link with digital media and the web". They also indicated that a study could be done to review the new pedagogical strategies and add new educational from the sample taken from the students of the "Dr Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School, a questionnaire of 11 questions was made, which were answered by the sixty-nine students of the last year of the upper course of the High School, where 4 of the most relevant questions were taken to make the respective analysis


Table 2. Do you believe that using liveworksheets has a positive impact in virtual classes?

Note: Data obtained from the questionnaire conducted with students of "Dr. Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School. (2021)

Elaborated by: Shirley Agudelo Angus.




Table 2 shows that for the students in the last year of Dr. Miguel ngel Zambrano High School, technology has a very important impact, with a total of 10% of the students surveyed; 61% indicated that it is important; 17% indicated that it is moderately important; 10% of the students mentioned that it is of little importance; and finally, 1% of the students surveyed indicated that it is not important, that is to say, that using liveworksheet has a positive impact in virtual classes.


Table 3. Do you think the implementation of online worksheets would help you with English classes?

Note: Data obtained from the questionnaire conducted with students of "Dr. Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School. (2021)

Elaborated by: Shirley Agudelo Angus



According to the students' questionnaire, 22% of the respondents indicated that they consider the implementation of technology in English classes to be very important; 53% of the students consider it to be important; 17% of the students consider it to be moderately important; and finally, 3% of the students stated that they consider it to be of little importance.









Table 4. How important would involve the use of digital platforms for giving you more support in class with grammar?

Note: Data obtained from the questionnaire conducted with students of "Dr. Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School. (2021)

Elaborated by: Shirley Agudelo Angus.



In the following graph, students were asked how important it is to consider involving worksheet platform in English classes, 14% indicated that it is very important; 51% of the respondents indicated that it is important; 26% stated that it is moderately important; and 9% of the respondents mentioned that it is of little importance.


Table 5: How important is for you to improve your Grammar in English classes through liveworksheet platform?

NoteData obtained from the questionnaire conducted with "Dr Miguel ngel Zambrano" High School students. (2021)

Elaborated by: Shirley Agudelo Angus.



The following table shows another of the questions selected from the questionnaire, where 51% of the students indicated that they consider important to improve Grammar in English classes through liveworksheets because it will provide them with more support with English grammar; 26% indicated that it would be important; 9% stated that they consider it moderately important; and 1% of the students surveyed considered it to be of little importance

This research demonstrated that using the liveworksheets platform and didactic resources are efficient, depending on the outcome. For that reason, the researchers determine that the legitimization of this study will have a beneficial impact in the end.

The Researcher said that applying the diverse use of interactive online activities and didactic resources is a fundamental strategy, such as activating prior knowledge and asking and answering questions before the grammar activity.

Additionally, this study collected the survey response. It analyzed it using Excel software, and this research produced statistical graphs, which showed reliable data that helped find the problem and design the best solution to this problem.



The use of technologies as pedagogical tools contributes to academic reinforcement even more if the implementation is made in the educational methods that support the formation of grammatical sentences since students using these technological tools could develop a greater interest in learning English grammar.

In addition, with the information obtained from all the interventions with the Director, teachers and students, predictions and ideas are obtained to achieve the academic and pedagogical objectives; the environment is also positive given the favourable results. On the other hand, when the classes are transmitted online, it gives them a little more comfort when they want to communicate with their sentences since the e-learning modality allows the use of other technological and didactic resources that support the study and learning of English. Furthermore, the worksheets allow live classes to be more didactic and entertaining, where students can interact better with English Grammar.

It is also worth mentioning that a communicative approach is an approach that enables the learning experience to acquire grammatical and linguistic skills, and this would also improve the language skills of high school students.



Finding an improvement in education, and precisely in studying a second language through Grammar, it is necessary to mention that the Institution should have more researchers postulating and lecturing to teachers and students. To teachers, they realize how grammar activities can be easier to understand and develop in the classroom. To students, they realize how successful it could be to consider Grammar Skills as an essential part of L2 learning. Teachers should develop them through practical activities and use meaningful strategies, methodologies, and technological resources to propose and apply this research. By following all these procedures, they can speak the same language and share ideas associated with the process.

In addition, if students are afraid of their Grammar, teachers must support them with confidence when making mistakes, making them feel comfortable and letting their ideas flow when communicating grammatically in English.

In addition, there are several programs and media in computer systems that, being an online modality, can be used as the teachers see more convenient for interaction and educational methodologycreating an excellent learning environment. At the same time, with the communicative approach to teaching English, students will be able to present better conditions to learn, develop and communicate through the English language



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