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Using liveworsheets to improve grammar in online classes to senior high school students

Shirley Agudelo-Angus, Rosa Elena Niola-Sanmartin


English as an idiom is one of the most relevant in the world. It is considered necessary for its massive scope with all the world and who speak it. It is a considerable challenge for many people and students could express and communicate better.

Learning a new non-native language often presents some difficulties since, in many cases, the learning process does not begin with an emphasis on starting to practice the language from an early age.

Moreover, being an essential language because it opens the doors to other social environments, whether they are political, cultural, educational, technological, or scientific, it is necessary that students can communicate freely given the most appropriate educational methods for the mastery of English.

That is why this study analyzed how liveworksheets in online classes could contribute, where students create better skills to express themselves and improve their knowledge within the English language.

Palabras clave

Learning process; liveworksheet; students perform; gramar; difficulties; technological; pedagogical strategery.


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DOI: 10.23857/pc.v7i6.4106

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